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Ruscombmanor Township
Ruscombmanor Township

NEWS FLASH FOR June 25,2016

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Ruscombmanor Township is located in beautiful Berks County, Pennsylvania. The township, originally known as the Manor of Ruscomb, named after a district in Wales, was settled in 1749 as part of Philadelphia County and incorporated in 1752 as Ruscombmanor Township.

With lots of open space and beautiful scenery, our population of only 4,112 (2000 census) our density is only 278 per square mile.

Some points of interest are the Dunkard Meeting House, erected in 1807 and Wagner's Head, at about 1,150 is the highest point in the township.

Ruscombmanor Township has two beautiful municipal parks for use by its residents. They are located along route 662 (Memorial Highway). They are equipped with regulation sized Little League baseball fields, soccer fields and children's play areas. Also several pavilions that can be used for picnics, outings, etc.
Ruscombmanor Township
Richard Seidel Recreation Area
Ruscombmanor Township
Reuben Strauss Park
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